Reef Factory KH Keeper Plus

$1,385.00 inc GST

Product Details

The Latest product from Reef Factory that makes every marine aquarist’ life easier. The KH keeper Plus measures KH value by sampling water directly from the aquarium. Readings may take place in daily cycles, every 1-12 hours. The KH Keep Plus has a large laboratory quality probe and two quiet stepper motors. It can be controlled in an intuitive and user friendly manner.

If the KH value drops too quickly between measurements, the device will repeat the test. If the result is confirmed the user will receive a notification. An aquarist can set a value for the measurement difference. Depending on the user ‘s preference, the test water can be returned to the aquarium or disposed of.

The Kh keeper has an external LED signalling  system. The device uses colour to signal the value measured in the aquarium. If the KH value is in the safe range, the displayed colour is green. Red means the KH value is outside of the safe range. Blue means the measurement is in progress.