Marine fish / corals & accessories

Species Selections

We offer a wide range of Coral and fish with collections from around Australia .

Our imported stock is sourced from various Suppliers. Don't forget to checkout the delivery dates and our video of what has arrived.

Expert Advice

Bunarong Aquarium provide the highest quality customer service, we don't just sell, our staff enjoy the hobby of fish keeping themselves and are here to offer the best advice on set ups we sell and  help you enjoy your hobby. Please note Bunarong Aquarium cannot ship live stock.

 Marine Aquariums,

We have on display  various reef set ups, from the Fluval Evo (50ltrs) up to the Red Sea 500s , Reefer 425xl  and the new exciting ea Reef pro range from the UK.

Coral Foods

We have over 16 different coral foods available in liquid and powder forms to make your corals thrive.  Aqua Forest Phyto mix .Frozen foods for fish and  are readily available.

Our Dry goods range

RedSea,Fluval, Seachem,Aquaforest Ultimate Aquacare,Tunze,Kamoer, Kessil, Australian Aquariums and Eheim just to name a few.



Shipments landing from around Australia fortnightly. Check in store for more detail

In Store & Custom Displays  

Red Sea Dealer

Bunarong Aquarium - ONE OF The largest Red Sea dealers in AUSTRALIA

Red Sea on Display in all their glory

At Bunarong Aquarium we have wet displays of  the Red Sea Reefer and the  Red Sea Max S Series on the floor. This enables you to come in and see the features and quality of their tanks running with corals and fish.

With a comprehensive range  Red Sea Additives 

At Bunarong we have great after sales service.With any complete systems sold, we offer  free visits to your house* to give you peace of mind and ensure your next Red Sea Purchase will be special.

*Conditions apply see in store for more detail.