Reef Flare Pro LED

$349.00$1,590.00 inc GST

Product Details

Developed from the ground up, the creative team  at Reef Factory had a vision to create a sleek ,low profile, lightweight fixture that made no compromises on performance.

New advanced optics, super quiet cooling, high Par output, wide balanced spectrum, effective coverage of the aquarium and an improved control interface, combine to provide the next generation of LED lighting for the marine aquarium

Efficient optic illumination. New optics were developed to create lenses that produced a highly diffused light source which achieves maximum coverage and reduces hotspots. An issue commonly associated with LED Light fixtures. This goal has been achieved by developing an optimal shape of the corrective lens combined with the type of LED diode used. A large PAR coefficient spreads evenly within the aquarium. This innovative new Smart device will promote maximum coral growth, health and coloration.

Reef Flare Pro S 80watt coverage 60x60cm

Reef Flare Pro M 160w coverage 80x70xm

Reef flare Pro L 240w coverage 90x70cm

Rear mount options

Reef Flare S Mount Arm

Reef Flare M/L Mount Arm