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PhosBan – L is a concentrated Lanthanum solution for use in aquariums to control dissolved phosphate. PhosBan-L has an extremely high capacity to bind large quantities of phosphate quickly, making it an excellent choice for removing phosphate from aquarium water when the phosphate level is unusually high.


Dilute PhosBan-L my mixing 100ml of Phosban-L with 200ml of water.

Just add 5ml of the diluted solution added to 76L will remove 1ppm of dissolved phosphates. It is best to dose this drop-wise, over the course of several hours or days,and add only into a filter sock to trp the precipitate formed. Do not add more than this amount per day. As with most phosphate removers Alkalinity can drop, so check levels

Removes 1ppm Phosphate from 22,800L