Dr Tim’s – Waste-Away Gel MARINE

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Product Details

Saltwater Use : Single pack

Available packs  to treat 189L and 378L

Waste-Away Time Release Gels – How They Work:

The gels are full of our Waste-Away Bacteria that are automatically and continuously released into your aquarium to consume nutrients and break down fish waste; keeping your tank clean and water clear Completely Reef Safe

“Gets into the nooks and crannies of hard to reach areas”

Simple and Quick: When you are ready to use the gels:
1) Unzip the clear wrapper DO NOT REMOVE WRAPPER UNTIL THEN
2) Remove the tab and attach the suction cup (provided)
3) Stick the gel in your tank/filter box/sump where there is the least amount of water circulation.

Recommend: Before using our gels we recommend you clean your tank using Dr Tim’s Aquatics Waste-Away LIQUID. Then maintain the tank with our Waste-Away Time Release Gels.

Changing the Gel: Our gels last up to 30 days and will change to a tannish colour when they need to be replaced. Simply remove the gel, dispose and replace with a new gel.