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Dealing with multiple wholesalers and breeders ensures we have a vast variety of tropical fish in store, with new stock arriving weekly. From the ever popular Goldfish and  Axolotls, to Live Bearers,  South American & African Cichlids, Catfish, Loaches, Sharks and Tetras.We are sure to have that special something that will compliment your tank.

When choosing fish for your aquarium, a few factors must be taken into consideration. Volume of water,size of  fish when fully grown, water parameters, temperature and aggression. Rules are there as a guide and we understand that there will be exceptions to the rules, but we must not mix fish that need different water or have different aggression levels.

We are here to help with your choices.


With over 30 years  of retailing, we have  built an extensive range of aquarium products that are beneficial to the everyday needs of  fish keeping. From airstones to dosing pumps ,from reptile tanks to complete reef systems, couple this with the extensive product knowledge of our team we are sure to help you make the right choice.

With every aquarium set up sold, we offer to test your water for the next four weeks, to help you understand what is happening during the cycle of your aquarium. This is when the tank is most unstable and with the right testing we can minimize loss during this phase.Water quality and diet are some of the most important aspects of fish keeping.

Feeding a quality food  has two benefits:

1. Better growth and health of your fish, with all the premium ingredients in the food.

2. Less waste going into your tank. This is achieved because of the high nutrition in the food, you actually feed less food at every feeding,but your fish get more !

Tropical-3-Algae Tablets A 5mm

Tropical Krill Gran

Tropical Axolotl Sticks

There are  a lot of products available to help with keeping your aquarium crystal clear and stable,but practicing best husbandry has  the biggest impact on your aquarium. Regular water testing and water changes help keep the water in tip top condition. This combined with diet will help prevent a lot of diseases affecting your fish.



Test Kits

Product Highlight

Seachem Flourish Glue

This instructional video covers using Seachem's Flourish Glue™ to attach plants to driftwood and rocks as well as creating custom anchors for plants.

Flourish Glue™ is a superior cyanoacrylate gel for attaching moss and plants to rocks, driftwood, and even gravel. It’s uniquely useful when planting bunch plants. Simply apply Flourish Glue™, plant as usual and the plants stay rooted in the substrate. It bonds within seconds and has excellent control, hold and durability characteristics. It can even be used underwater. Flourish Glue™ can be used for any aquascaping in freshwater or saltwater aquariums or for any plastics repairs. Flourish Glue™ comes in an aluminum tube for extended stability beyond products contained in plastic bottles - it won't dry up in the tube.

PH:6.8-7.2 GH:100-200 Temp:16-20c

Coldwater - Paradise Fish

Paradise Fish originate from South East Asia and are hardy and easy to look after.

In their natural habitat they survive in stagnate pools of water, this makes them perfect for nano tanks and don't require lots of surface water movement.

PH:6.5-7.5 GH:100-200 Temp:24-28c

Tropical - Tiger Silver Dollars

Tiger silver Dollars originate from South America and are a schooling fish.

They are semi-aggressive and may eat fish they can fit in their mouths. They are suitable in community tanks and are great with larger communities.

Check In Store for fighter updates  9783-6083

Betta Fish  Quick Stats

Fighting fish otherwise know as Betta Fish are suitable for Nano Aquariums and are Semi-Aggressive.

Male fighters are known to be aggressive towards each other but can be suitable with other communities. Adults on average reach up to 6cm and can live up to 3 - 5 years.

Water Parameters:

pH: 6.8 - 7.6

GH: 100 - 200

Temp: 24 - 28c

Marina Betta Heater 8w

Recomended Food:

NLS Betta Semi Floating .5-.75mm 25g