Philips Coral Care Gen 2

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Product Details

The next generation of CoralCare’s innovative LED fixture is here.

CoralCare Gen2 offers a new, slimmer design, with passive cooling and wireless control. What’s more, we’ve further refined the light spectrum and distribution to create a more natural reef appearance, natural light patterns and promote coral growth.

With the second CoralCare generation, you still enjoy the light quality you’d expect from traditional T5 fluorescent or metal halide marine aquarium lighting, but with all the benefits from LED lighting. The lights give very good results for growth of both SPS and LPS corals. CoralCare lighting is designed to achieve an ideal balance of coral growth, natural reef appearance and natural light patterns.


CoralCare LED engine

The CoralCare LED engine is designed to create an ideal balance between coral growth and natural reef appearance. The design is based on various publications, our own knowledge of lighting design and scientific studies carried out with the University of Wageningen and Coral Publications.


Philips expertise, extensive user tests and spectrum simulation tools were used to find this balance between appearance (reefers’ color perception) and growth (ensuring coral health and good colorization).


The first CoralCare generation was welcomed by the reefing community and proved to be supplying the correct light for healthy coral growth. In 2018, based on user feedback, the spectrum was refined to highlight the fluorescence of the corals when bluish color tones are selected. With the second generation, the spectrum is again refined resulting in an ideal balance of growth, natural reef appearance and natural light patterns, including fluorescence during evening settings.

By smartly splitting the formula into two independently controllable channels, it is possible for the end-user to adapt the color point without having to worry about setting incorrect spectral content. Our studies have shown that certain spectral settings negatively influence coral growth and could potentially lead to coral mortality.
The CoralCare LED fixture uses 68 high-power LEDs and 6 different wavelengths. Due to the combination of 6 LED types, the typical flux and color point spread of the LED’s could affect lamp-to-lamp color and performance consistency. A detailed spread analysis was carried out to define the corner points and the potential need for LED binning. For the CoralCare Gen2 LED engine, a custom LED selection scheme directly performed after LED manufacturing (waver-die selection) guarantees that the lamp-to-lamp color consistency stays within 6 SDCM (a standardized color deviation parameter). This enables the use of a wider spread of color wavelengths while ensuring that the total color point difference is indiscernible to the human eye.

Fixture properties

Controller included
Power Supply
220-240V (Europe) -120V (US)
Input power
Protection rating
Dimensions (lxwxh)
460 x 410 x 57 mm