Philips Coral Care Controller

$420.00 inc GST

Product Details

Control your CoralCare LED fixture Gen2 easily and wirelessly or with a PC, with control over two different lighting channels and pre-programmed schedules. In addition, it is also compatible with first generation CoralCare LED fixtures!

In addition, it also includes 0-10V for 3rd party controllers. What’s more, your new wireless controller is also compatible with CoralCare Gen1 fixtures. Choose from easy-to-use pre-programmed lighting schedules or easily create a custom 24-hour lighting schedule to meet your coral needs. You can even share your lighting schedules with other reefers! Direct monitoring is useful for maintenance or monitoring of your reef inhabitants. There is an acclimation phase for introducing new corals or installing new CoralCare lights so you can gradually increase the intensity of the light to meet the needs of your corals


The controller can control up to 4 CoralCare fixtures of the same generation.

With the second CoralCare generation, you still enjoy the light quality you would expect from traditional T5 fluorescent or HQI marine aquarium lighting, but with all the benefits of LED lighting. The lights give very good results for the growth of both SPS and LPS corals. CoralCare lighting is designed to strike an ideal balance between coral growth, natural reef appearance and natural light patterns.