Kessil Spectral Controller X

$220.00 inc GST

Product Details

Intuitive and Affordable Light Control

Equipped with flawless touch control and a vivid color display, the Spectral Controller is effortless light control at the touch of your fingertips. Its straightforward approach to light control programming allows for endless customization options without the confusion. The sleek, modern design ensures a beautiful and cohesive setup that won’t disrupt the look of your aquarium.

Smart K-Link Communication

The new K-Link communication method is an upgrade of the easily plug & play 0-10V, allowing users to network multiple A360X together(up to 32 fixtures per chain) and set individual groups to run their own programs. K-Link is also a two-way communication, meaning the Spectral Controller can detect the number of lights in the network, the status of the lights, etc.

Program Mode

Features three ways of setting a customized light schedule to match individual tank needs. Maximum of 12 programs can be created

Quick Set:

Create unique dawn and dusk effects by altering light intensity and color throughout eight different time points.

Acclimation Mode:

Simplify the introduction of new lights to a tank or new corals to an existing setup with acclimation mode. The acclimation timeline can be customized to suit specific needs.

Lunar Cycle:

Simulate natural moonlight cycles with 5 phases: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, Waxing Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full moon

One Controller, Two Ports – Backward Compatible

Each controller is equipped with one K-Link port and one 0-10V output port. The K-Link port allows users to connect to the new A360, while the 0-10V port is for Kessil’s 0-10V light fixture.

Note: USB power adapter is not included
** 0-10V Unit Link Cable for 0-10V lights is not included **
  • Weight 0.12kg

  • Dimensions  14.2 x 6.35 x 1.5 cm

Installation Instructions

Please make sure to consult the Spectral Controller Quick Start Guide and follow each step.

Step 1 Power

    • Plug the K-Link Cable (10’) to the K-Link (female).

    • Plug the other end to the A360X K-Link Port.

    • Plug the A360X to the power supply and plug the AC cable of the power supply to a wall outlet.


    • Plug the Micro USB Cable to the Micro-USB port and to a 5V/1A USB power adapter. (USB power adapter not included)

* The Spectral Controller X can be powered off through A360X if the controller is not connected to a 5V/1A USB power adapter.

Step 2 Set Up

    • Use the Direction Pad (C) to navigate to the Settings tab.

    • Press to access the settings.

    • Press to return to tab options.

Demo Settings

  • When Demo Mode is turned on, any adjustments will not be saved. After the set minutes of inactivity, light will automatically revert back to the settings/programs prior to Demo Mode. This is designed for retail stores to allow customers trying out the control and functions.

Step 3 Choose the Program

  • The Status Page will cycle through the status of each group every 2 seconds.

  • Press to enter tab options. Press one more time to enter Dashboard.

  • In the Dashboard, press to select group, press to select program.

  • Under Manual Color, press to set the manual colors & intensity. Navigate to Effect tab to try out the effects. Navigate to Group tab to group the lights

Step 4 Set the Group

    • From the Status page, press to enter tab options. Press one more time to enter Dashboard.

    • In Dashboard, press to select group, press to highlight your group. Press to select “Manual”. Press to enter “Manual”

    • Navigate to the tab, press until is selected and press to enter group arrangement mode.

    • Press to select lamps and navigate to the desired interacting group (bottom part).

    • Press to move lamps from active group (top part) to interacting group(bottom part) or vise versa.

Note: The 4-digit number is the last 4-digit of the Serial Number of the lamp

Step 5 Program

    • Use the Direction Pad (C) to navigate to the Programs tab.

    • Press to access the programs settings

    • Press to navigate between preset programs or new program and press to enter.

    • Press to choose time point and press to enter for detail settings.

    • Press to navigate between functional settings, press to adjust value.

Note: After creating your Program, remember to go to Dashboard and choose your program under the group.