Reptile Systems T5 High Output UVB Lighting Kit 12%

$149.00 inc GST

Product Details

  • Low profile black aluminium fixture with 103 degree dual reflector for increased UV output and spread.
  • Includes T5 HO Fixture, Zone 3 “12%”, “Desert Spectrum” T5 Lamp, power cable with toggle on/of switch and mounting hardware with linking options for up to 6x for 24W fixtures.
  • Designed to be set directly on top of or mounted under the mesh screen
  • The energy efficient electronic ballast provides fast & flicker free lighting
  • Zone 3 (2.9-7.4 UVI) 12% UVB lamp included. T5 supports Vitamin D3 synthesis & calcium absorption, reptile feeding, increased breeding behaviour and better vision
  • Can be Adjusted to be appropriate for a variety of species including Bearded Dragons, Blue Tongues, Monitors Turtles etc.