JurassiPet-Mite Wipes

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MiteWipes™ utilizes an all natural, non-toxic formula that safely and effectively eradicates common reptile parasites such as mites, fleas, and ticks. Because of its non-toxic nature, MiteWipes™ can be used as frequently as needed–unlike competing mite treatments that require a multi-day interval between use. During such intervals, it is common for infestations to quickly rebound.

Directions:Fully wipe down animal and enclosure including walls and decor such as plastic plants and rocks. Repeat as necessary. MiteWipes™ may be used daily on heavy infestations. Avoid treating animals that have shed within 6 hours. Avoid the mouth and eyes. Allow to dry.

Ingredients: sodium lauryl sulfate, cottonseed oil, clove oil, water


MIteWipes™ should NOT be used on amphibians.