ITC M-Rack Frag Shelf

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Product Details

ITC M-Rack Frag Shelf requires a compatible M-Rack Magnet!

ITC M-Rack Frag Plates have been manufactured from industry standard setting Perspex cell cast acrylic. This ensures the highest quality part which will last many years underwater without effecting your water quality and will not break down over time. This rack will still look black under blue LED lighting!

Thanks to the M-Rack Magnet being waterproof on both sides, you could use it at the back of the tank with one magnet in the weirbox.

The hole spaces have been set to perfectly account for our largest ITC Reefculture Pure Frag Plugs without overlap – sold separately and as used by many coral farms!

The end result is an ultra slim 5mm thick frag rack which massively improves the visual look of your aquarium when viewed from the side where the rack is mounted.



Corner Frag Plate, 14 Holes

Dimensions: 155mm x 155mm
M-Rack Magnets required: 2

Large Rectangle Frag Plate, 20 Holes

Dimensions: 250mm x 90mm
M-Rack Magnets required: 2

Medium Rectangle Frag Plate, 12 Holes

Dimensions: 250mm x 60mm
M-Rack Magnets required: 2

Small Rectangle Frag Plate, 6 Holes

Dimensions: 125mm x 60mm
M-Rack Magnets required: 1