Hailea Air Pump ACO 5505

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Product Details

Twin outlet – 330 L/Hr

* Hailea Air Pump.
* Silent Design.
* Super Quality.
* The product possess an advanced air-compressing system, damping system and multilevel muffler which is extremely low in noise.
* The air-output can be adjusted freely.
* Manual air-flow adjusting control.
* The ACO air pump adopts special artificial rubber to keep a steady air output and pressure that can be adjusted freely.
* The structure is compact.
* No greasing or lubrication required.
* Clean or replace air-tube,air-stone or sponge reqularly to obtain maximum pure air outlet.
* Voltage:220-240V.
* Frequency:50-60Hz.
* Power: 6.5Watt.
* Air output:4.5L/m.
* Pressure:0.025MPa.