Eco Tech Thermostat Dimming With Timer

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With this thermostat you can control all common vivarium heaters up to a maximum load of 1200w using an electronic ‘dimming’  feature rather than on/off control.

Complete with an alarm function that warns you acoustically if the device measures a temperature that is either higher or lower than the set temperature range. In addition the thermostat has a timer with four on/off periods which allows you to control additional devices such as lighting or ventilators. The thermostat can be programed to cause a drop in temperature, usually overnight for a user determined period of time.

The continuous temperature readout allows it to be used as an additional thermometer .

Keep unit away from moisture and radiant heat. Ambient temperature during operation  must be between 0-40C respectively.

Eco Tech Dimming Thermostat Instructional Video

Posted by Pet Pacific Pty Ltd on Thursday, 27 June 2019