Dymax Filter Media Bag- Fine

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Product Details

Dymax extra fine filter media bag is a zip type filtering bag made of washable and bleachable fine nylon mesh material with a non corrosive plastic zipper which provides durability and flexibility for filtration applications

The extra fine mesh is suitable for fine filter media such as:

  • Dymax Clear mix
  • Fine coral sand
  • Ammonia removal resins
  • Phosphate removal resins
  • Great for other fine filter media like Seachem Purigen


  • Zip type filter media bag
  • Durable plastic zipper
  • Washable and bleachable nylon material
  • Durable and stretchable
  • Safe to use in freshwater or saltwater aquariums

Small Size: 14cm x 20cm

Medium Size: 18cm x 25cm

Large Size: 27cm x 30cm