Deltec 600I Skimmer

$789.00 inc GST

Product Details

Thanks to the ergonomic cylinder body shape, the Deltec 600i protein skimmer ensures the best skimming results.

The shape of the skimmer does not taper or narrow towards the top. This results in the small air bubbles being able to rise unhindered, allowing them to become fully saturated with organics, only bursting in the riser tube inside the collection cup.

This body design also allows for the footprint of the protein skimmer to be as compact as possible allowing it to be neatly installed in most sumps.

Another  innovative feature of the Deltec Skimmer,  allows water to exit the protein skimmer body through a void within the footplate before flowing through into the integrated level adjustment tube and emergency overflow tube. This new design feature means that water will exit the protein skimmer body at the lowest point greatly reducing the chance of micro bubbles escaping, increasing air – water contact time and also reducing noise and turbulence within the protein skimmer body.


  • Highly efficient cylinder shape
  • Safe by newly developed emergency overflow with water level indicator
  • Whisper quiet through a new hollow chamber floor
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Quick and easy removal of the pump
  • Variable adjustable pump


Technical details

  • Aquarium size 200 to 600 litres
  • Dimensions (LXWXH) 22 x 14 x 51 cm
  • direct current pump Deltec DCC2 (24V)
  • Power consumption 9 – 21 watts
  • Air volume max. 900 litre per hour
  • For sumps with 15 to 25 cm water level


Emergency Overflow
Deltec skimmers are characterized by particularly good skimming results. The Deltec Skimmer 600i
has a newly developed emergency overflow. This prevents the “overcooking” of the skimmer when
the water level in the skimmer rises. This can happen, for example, by discontinuing the conveyor
pump and by adding additional water to the filter sump. But even if there are problems with the air
supply, e.g. by bending the silicone hose or foreign body in the air intake line, the water level
increases. This can cause the skimmer to “boil over” and the water rises so high that it is pressed into
the foam pot and the broth is rinsed back into the aquarium. This leads to an extreme load of water.
Due to the emergency made by Deltec this is prevented and thus the aquarium protected from
Emergency overflow pipe & regulator pipe
The water level in the skimmer can be read off at the emergency overflow pipe. In addition, the
minimum and maximum markings help to optimize the water level. By the possibility to exchange the
emergency overflow pipe with the regulator pipe, the user has the possibility to decide how the
pipes are arranged.
The Deltec Skimmer 600i is operated with the Deltec pump DCC 2. This 24V DC pump can be
controlled via a ten-stage controller and can be optimally adjusted to the water level and the water
load. On the (for most aquariums) optimal level 5, with only 9 – 21 watts about 500 liters of air are
generated. The maximum are 900 litre per hour air.