Crickets – Live Food

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$10.50$45.00 inc GST

Product Details

***Pick Up Only***        ***Pick Up Only***


Live insects are Delivered to the store every Thursday. 

$10.50 Punnets contain a quantity  minimum of :

Small – 100

Medium – 50

Large – 35

*Punnets are subject to availability*


$45.00 Bulk containers contain a quantity  minimum of :

Small – 400

Medium – 200

Large – 140

*Bulk containers are ordered in at the request of the customer – for bulk containers, Place your orders by Monday 10:30am on any given week.*


For Bulk Crickets we offer a Container Swap Program. If you bring in a previously purchased bulk container from us we offer a discount on your next Bulk Cricket purchase.

(Bulk containers are reserved until Sundays only, unless otherwise requested)


***Pick Up Only***        ***Pick Up Only***