Chihiros A II Series

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The A II series LED lights from Chihiros are specially designed for densely planted freshwater aquariums. Full-spectrum lamps cover a spectral range of approx. 400 – 700 nm, with strong focus on the red & blue spectrum without compromising green & yellow rays. The individual LEDs have a color temperature around 8.000 Kelvin & are arranged in 3 rows across the entire lamp to ensure a well-balanced illumination as to not cast any shadows.

The LED are equipped with a built in Bluetooth controller.  The app allows you to easily set the timer, light intensity, ramping, & sunrise/sunset via “My Chihiros APP”.

With a width of 6.7cm(2.64in) & height of 1cm(0.39in), these aquarium lights are slim in design, making them look sleek on your aquarium focusing more on plants & livestock. The lights are attached to a transparent acrylic holder so no metal brackets or legs taking away from the beauty of your planted tank, also acting as an indirect heat sink. The A II features a swivel to adjust the LED giving the aquarist a wide range of options for illuminating an aquarium in any direction.

Sizes :

30cm       14w    led x 30

45cm       21w    led x 50

60cm      26w    led x 60

90cm      40w   led x 90

120cm    120w  led x120