Blue Planet – Paracide 25 tabs

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Product Details

Parasites can cause extensive loss of aquarium fish if left untreated. (Contains Trichlorfon), an effective remedy for the treatment of external parasites in freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish.

This formula aids in the treatment of anchor worm, skin and gill flukes, and fish lice.

Directions for use:

Pre-dissolve tablets in a separate disposable container prior to adding to the aquarium water. Administer 1 tablet per 40L water, and keep water temperature below 27 degrees C. Maintain normal filtration and aeration, and repeat treatment after 7 days to prevent recurrence. A mild residue may be evident after dissolving tablets (this is harmless to fish.)

Do not use on marine invertebrates such as shellfish and anemones.

Do not use in fish  for human consumption.