Aquarium Systems ASF Reef Minerals Powder 1kg

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ASF Reef Minerals is an optimal blend of all the corals elements needed for coral skeletons: Calcium, magnesium, strontium & carbonates, with the addition of potassium, bromine and iodine in the unique ratio required by corals. ASF Reef Minerals also contains a proprietary bland of vitamins for positive coral health and growth.


Usage : 20 grams of Reef Minerals in 1 litre of water. Dose the same amount of Reef Minerals solution as you would do the Alkalinity & pH Booster to maintain a balanced ion balance. Due to its high magnesium, mineral and trace element content, Reef Minerals is also suitable for the hardening and mineralisation of freshwater, as well as for the remineralisation of osmosis water. The addition of 1 tablespoon of Reef Minerals per 10 litres of water will make the vital minerals and trace elements return to the demineralized water.