2Hr Aquarist APT 1

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Tackle the most demanding plants, or just enjoy everyday magic in the simplest tank. The easiest way to unlock the true potential of your planted tank today.

Dose 3ml per 100L daily.

Our Standard 300ml Pack comes with a calibrated pump. 1ml per press.
Lasts ~3mths for a 30 Gal / 115L tank.
Available in 2 Sizes : 100ml, 300ml 

APT 1 is perfect for tanks with more fish, fewer plants. Also for new tanks (<3 months) with aquasoil. Enjoy comprehensive nutrition without nitrates and phosphates for maximum algae control.

APT 3 is perfect for tanks with more plants, fewer fish. Enjoy 100% comprehensive macro, micro and trace minerals. Unlocks the full potential of the hobby’s most demanding plants.

APT e is perfect for heavily planted Dutch Style tanks and users who understand EI methodology. Supremely concentrated and expertly balanced.