Waterbox Reef 130.4

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Waterbox Reef systems provide advanced hobbyist with a customizable foundation to design their dream aquarium. At its core each Waterbox Reef system is the same, however when the owner brings it to life, not a single Waterbox is the same. All Waterbox Aquariums utilize licensed Starphire Glass. Starphire is the ultimate in ultra-clear, low iron glass technology.
Waterbox Aquariums silicone seams appear etched by lasers as our technicians utilize straight edging skill’s learned over decades.
Each Waterbox system includes a self leveling mat which keeps the aquarium level on uneven surfaces and surface tension on the glass. This increases the longevity of your aquarium.The Waterbox Aquarium is the only company to utilize full black glass overflow boxes with water etched grates.Standard aquariums produce lot’s of water noise. The unique Waterbox down-flow technology keeps your aquarium noise at peaceful levels all day. Waterbox understood the importance of dual returns. Our flow outshines the competition hands down.Our engineers have designed a hand crafted prefabricated proprietary plumbing kit that provides easy installation without any gluing required.


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Dimensions 600 x 600 x 550mm 900 x 600 x 550mm 1200 x 600 x 550mm
23.6″×23.6″×21.7″ 35.4″×23.6″×21.7″ 47.2″×23.6″×21.7″
Glass Thickness 12mm (1/2″) 12mm (1/2″) 12mm (1/2″)
Water Height 535mm/21.1″ 535mm/21.1″ 535mm/21.1″
Aquarium Volume 178 L/47.2 gals 271 L/71.7 gals 364 L/96.3 gals
Glass Material Ultra-clear glass
Transmittance 91%
Sump Sump Dimensions 520 x 450 x 380mm 720 x 450 x 380mm 720 x 450 x 380mm
20.5″×17.7″×15″ 28.3″×17.7″×15″ 28.3″×17.7″×15″
Sump Volume 83 L/22.0 gals 116 L/30.6 gals 116 L/30.6 gals
Glass Thickness 6mm (1/4″) 6mm (1/4″) 6mm (1/4″)
RO Reservoir 12.8 L/3.4 gals 17 L/4.5 gals 17 L/4.5 gals
Skimmer Chamber 190 x 438mm 330 x 438mm 330 x 438mm
7.5″×17.2″ 13″×17.2″ 13″×17.2″
Pump Chamber 140 x 240mm 240 x 200mm 240 x 200mm
5.5″×9.4″ 9.4″×7.9″ 9.4″×7.9″
ATO Tank ATO Dimensions
ATO Volume
Glass Thickness
Plumbing Main Drain DN25 DN25 DN25
Emergency Overflow DN25 DN25 DN25
Pump Return DN20 DN20 DN20
Nozzles DN15 x 2 DN15 x 2 DN15 x 2
Filter Socks 105mm/4″ x 2 105mm/4″ x 2 105mm/4″ x 2
Cabinet Cabinet Model UV 2424 UV 3624 UV 4824
Dimensions 600 x 600 x 900mm 900 x 600 x 900mm 1200 x 600 x 900mm
23.7″×23.7″×35.4″ 35.4″×23.7″×35.4″ 47.2″×23.7″×35.4″
Material 18mm solid plywood
Paint (side & front) PU Painting
Color W-White, B-Black
System Height with Cabinet 1450mm/57″ 1450mm/57″ 1450mm/57″
Total Volume 262 L/69.1 gals 387 L/102.4 gals 480 L/126.9 gals
Aquarium & Sump Weight 175.3lbs (79.5kg) 227.1lbs (103kg) 253.5lbs (115kg)