Sicce Green Reset 25 Pond filter

Green Reset: the new Sicce Pond Filter range, a Patented System, the easiest way to clean your pond!

Separate pump needed with >4000lph flow required.

This new Pressurized UVC Bio-Filter has an available 25ltr  filtration capacity for any type of pond, small and large.

How Green Reset works:

First the water is forced through the sponges (mechanical filtration) and then through the Bio-Balls (biological filtration). These actions, combined with an effective UVC sterilizer lamp, guarantee crystal clear pond water.

What makes Green Reset unique is how it simplifies maintenance operations: anyone can carry them out in just 3 easy steps!

  • Lift the handle on the top of the cover;
  • Turn the lateral grip handles in the “cleaning” position, then turn the flow selector handle;
  • Push the big handle down so to squeeze the internal sponges.

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$499.00 inc GST