Serenity – Digital Refractometer

The latest in salt gadgetry  thats worth its weight in salt…

New from Serenity Aquatics The Aquarium Digital Refractometer.(Electrical Conductivity)

At a press of a button you get salt readings displayed as  specific gravity or as a percentage of salt, (to convert to ppt eg: 3.2% is 32ppt).

Also displays a temperature reading of the tank.

Quick Stats:

  • Automatic Temperature compensation
  • Range S.G. 1.000- 1.041 percentage 0-5%
  • Temp range 20c – 30c
  • Resolution S.G :0.001, Percentage 0.01
  • Accuracy S.G. +- 0.001 Percentage +-0.2%
  • Bright backlit display
  • Large digital screen display
  • Low battery sound alert



$99.00 inc GST