Kamoer WiFi X2S Auto Changer

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X2SR is a water change system that can remotely control it through the mobile phone App using WiFi.

The automatic water replenishment function can be completed through the submersible pump interface.

To mitigate possible overflow risks, X2SR comes standard with an anti-overflow sensor.

When the water level reaches the anti-overflow sensor, an alarm will be triggered, and the water supply and change will stop.



  1. The outlet of drain pump, connect to wastewater bucket
  2. Inlet of drain pump, connect to the fish tank
  3. The outlet of refill pump, connect to the fish tank
  4. The inlet of the refill pump, connect to fresh seawater
  5. DC24V pump, connect to submersible pump
  6. Liquid level sensor for detecting whether freshwater is empty
  7. Liquid level sensor for detecting whether wastewater is full
  8. Anti-overflow sensor for detecting whether the tank reaches the warning water level
  9. The liquid level sensor used to maintain the normal water level of the fish tank
  10. Reset button for configuring the network
  11. DC24V IN, power input
  12. Drain pump running indicator
  13. Power/Wi-Fi status indicator
  14. Refill pump running indicator
  15. The button of Drain pump, long-press the button to run
  16. The button of Refill pump, long-press the button to run


★ Please use the product’s own power adapter and work in the specified working environment.
★ This product only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi, not 5G Wi-Fi.
★ Perform flow calibration before using the device to ensure that the water output is the same as the water input when changing water.
★ The connecting pipe for the liquid inlet should be as short as possible, and the connecting pipe for the liquid outlet should be suspended above the tank.
★ Please carefully check whether the connection direction of the water inlet and outlet is correct, and do not connect them in reverse.


Flow: More than 900ml/min
Power Adapter Input: 100VAC -240VAC
Output: DC24V 1.9A
Number of dosing: 24 times/day-1 time/99 days
Interface: WiFi (App remote control)
Working environment: Temperatures: 0 – 70℃; Humidity: 10% – 90% (non-condensation)
Dimensions (L*W*H): 168*177*223mm (including pump head)
Weight: 4.106KG (not including power supply)
Max Head Pressure: 32ft