Exo Terra Incubator Pro

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$330.00 inc GST

Product Details

The Exo Terra Incubator Pro makes incubating reptile eggs safer and uncomplicated.

The Incubators dimming/pulse proportional thermostat accurately keeps the set temperature, while the hygrostat regulates the relative humidity through the USB humidifier.

The digital adjustable temperature and humidity control allows you to provide optimal incubating conditions for every species, significantly reducing the risk of egg loss.

To facilitate regular monitoring, the easy-to-read LED screen shows actual and set temperature & humidity levels.

Digital Temperature & Humidity Control with easy-to-read LED display screen LED screen displays actual and pre-set temperature & humidity levels.

Accurate dimming & pulse proportional heating & humidifying combination.

  • From 10C up to 38C (50F 100F) and up to 95% RH
  • 55W Solid Radiant Heat Element gently emits heat from above, simulating nature
  • Hygrostat regulates humidity through a USB humidifier, which maintains humidity at optimum levels
  • Sloped basin returns water condensation to the humidifier reservoir
  • Dual ventilation, rounded corners, and the fine foam insulation layer ensures gradual airflow, and prevent drafts that may cause temperature & humidity fluctuations
  • Transparent lid allows easy monitoring of the incubation and hatching process without temperature or humidity loss
  • Insulating Styrofoam sidewalls maintain stable temperatures
  • Retains temperature and humidity settings in case of temporary power failure
  • 1 USB humidifier included