Ecotech Deluxe Incubator

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Ecotech Reptile Deluxe Incubator

The Ecotech Reptile Deluxe Incubator is perfect for a wide range of reptile eggs including but not limited to Lizard Eggs, Snake/Python Eggs, Turtle Eggs and Gecko Eggs.
This unit come s with a free candling torch so you can easily check if your reptile eggs are fertile.

The Exotech Deluxe Incubator gives you full control with its long list of features:

  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Circulating Fan for Even Heat Distribution
  • LED Temperature Display
  • Count Down Display
  • Programable Temperature Alarms
  • Internal Humidity Display
  • Temperature Range 15c-40c
  • 80w Heating Element
  • Internal Dimensions 43cm x 43cm x 12cm