Dymax Algae Brusher 500ml

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Product Details

Extremely effective against algae and green water

Algae Brusher solution is specifically formulated to prevent accumulation of adhesive algae and phytoplankton by dissolving organic matters and promote a healthier environment for fish and aquatic plants.

Besides being a preventative solution, this product could also effectively diminish algae like brush algae, beard algae, threat algae, brown algae, slim and even sludge.

Algae brusher is completely harmless to use with aquatic plants if correct dosage is applied.

Directions :

  • Add 10ml to every 25 litres of water.
  • Dissolve with some water before adding directly to the aquarium.
  • Use solution once  every two for 3 successions.
  • Do a 50% water change after each treatment.
  • Use only in freshwater and planted tanks.
  • Reduce to half dose for shrimp use
  • Remove activated carbon and supply good aeration while using this product
  • Shake well before use.

For prevention purpose add 10ml of solution to every 50Litres of water.