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Eggs + Salt, 195 g for 6 l (Item No.:21100)

A special salt for breeding brine shrimp. This salt is enriched with trace elements and phytoplankton which are present in the sea. Dosage: 32 g per litre of water.

In the lakes, Artemia crayfish develop through natural salts, trace elements and phytoplankton. These growth conditions are artificially created by adding HOBBY Artemia Salt to tap water (or rainwater), because HOBBY Artemia Salt contains the salts and trace elements of natural salt water and the most important plankton traces. According to scientific findings, the best hatching rate can be achieved with HOBBY Artemia Salt and HOBBY Artemia Eggs (when adding 1 teaspoon of Artemia Eggs and 32 g of Artemia Salt to 1 litre of water).

Frequently asked questions

Can I use normal salt for breeding Artemia?

In principle, iodine-free salt can be used for breeding. However, the composition of HOBBY Artemia Salt corresponds exactly to the salt water of the Artemia’s area of origin. It also contains traces of plankton for feeding the hatched nauplii. According to scientific findings, the best hatching is achieved with HOBBY Artemia Salt.

Why are my Artemia nauplii dying?

There are numerous reasons for the death of Artemia euplii, from the quality or contamination of the water used, to the quality and quantity of the food given, the hygiene during rearing and the use of suitable rearing containers. We recommend the reference book “Artemia – Der Urzeitkrebs” by Oliver Drewes from the VIVARIA publishing house. Illustrated with numerous microscope photographs and drawings, the book describes the seven recognised Artemia species according to the current state of knowledge. After describing the special reproductive biology, the most successful rearing systems are presented. A separate chapter “Artemia in aquaristics” provides practical tips, for example on increasing the hatching rate and the survival rate of nauplii and Artemia.



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