Desert Habitat Gold

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From the home of Australian reptiles

Australian Gold Habitat is the ultimate substrate for bearded dragons, monitor lizards and all other Australian desert dwelling reptiles.

No other substrate can compete with the real thing! Ethically sourced from central Australia we are proud to bring some of your Australian reptiles natural home to them. Australian desert reptiles are found across Australia, typically in the arid or semi-arid environments around central Australia.

Australian Gold Habitat is perfect for not just Australian reptiles but can be used safely for any desert dwelling species.

Directions for use: Spread evenly or create mounds and burrowing structures depending on the desired look. It is recommended to place basking rocks, wood and other natural decor to help replicate the natural environment of Australia. Spot clean as needed and make sure you change your Australian Gold Habitat regularly to ensure your animal has a clean enclosure.

Available in 4.5kg or 9kg