Callington Mite spray for Enclosure 100g

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 Remove water bowl/tub from the enclosure before spray, clean it and leave it out for 24 hours.
 Remove the reptile from the enclosure.
 Spray the interior of the enclosure to form enough fume in the enclosure.
 Suggest spray 2-3 seconds for a standard 2 x 3 foot size enclosure.
 Leave the enclosure closed for 10-15 minutes, then return the reptile.
 After 24 hours, return the water bowl/tub to the enclosure.
 After another 48 hours, clean out enclosure and destroy any substrate
(it helps to remove mite eggs).
 Spray the enclosure surrounding area as well.
 Do not rinse the enclosure and the reptile after spray.
 Re-spray the enclosures about seven days later after first application, a third application might
be necessary depends on the situation.
Other Tips
 After treating the reptile and the enclosure, spray a line around the enclosure to create a
 Frequently (every day or two) spray around the enclosure to keep the barrier working during
 Suggest use paper as bedding during treatment so that change bedding is easier.
 Do not wait to treat mites as they are No.1 killers of reptile.

(Top of Descent) Spray For Killing & Control of Mites
APVMA Approval No. 59308/100g/0108
Reptile Enclosure Insecticide (Top of Descent) effectively and safely kills and controls mites. The
aerosol spray leaves an invisible residue that works against mites as well.
Active Constituents: 20g/kg d-phenothrin 20:80
 APVMA Approval No. 59308/100g/0108
 Complies with WHO specifications for insecticides.
 Has Aircraft Approvals e.g. Boeing Approval.
 Approved by Australian Quarantine & Inspection Services.
 Approved by the NZ Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries.
 The propellants have been tested and approved by the PAFT Committee.
 Scientifically evaluated by University of Western Sydney.
 Low toxicity, safe for humans and reptiles.
 Effectively kills and controls mites.
 Non-flammable.
 No need to rinse off after application.
 Aerosol spray easy for application.