Blue Planet – Bio Clean

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Blue Planet Bio-Active contains dormant strains of bacteria which become active when in water, they are scientifically combined in a suspension solution to ensure a balanced introduction of bacteria for a new aquarium. Bio-Active can be used to cycle a new aquarium faster, or on a regular basis to balance your aquarium system.

Excess waste build up is a sign of an unbalanced aquarium and can quickly lead to unhealthy water conditions, which in turn leads to stress and disease in fish. In artificial environments such as aquariums the proper bacteria are not usually present to ensure adequate biological activity all of the time. With regular use of Blue Planet Bio Active, maintaining biological activity is no longer a problem because it ensures that the necessary bacteria are present in sufficient numbers. This technique is called bio-enhancement and results in clearer, cleaner and healthy water conditions.

  • Rapid Aquarium Starter
  • Concentrated beneficial bacteria
  • Suitable for Freshwater Aquariums

Start Up Dose  : 15ml per 20Litres

Weekly Dose :  5ml per 20Litres  maintenance  of water