Biopod- Aqua

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$869.00 inc GST

Product Details

Tank Dimensions LxWxH 62 x 38 x 53cm

Base Dimensions LxWxH 47 x 37 x 7cm

Unit Total Height 65cm

Substrate/Water Column Height 15cm

Substrate/Water Column Volume 10 litres
Total Volume 38 litres
 Approx. Weight 20.59kg
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Introducing the worlds first smart microhabitat, the Biopod Aqua is a one of a kind terrarium that allows you to have your entire terrarium be 100% self maintaining and self sustaining.

Biopod App – The simplest way to control your microhabitat. The intuitive app allows you to create the ideal environments based on the species of animal or plant you wish to grow or maintain. Simply select the species in the app and Biopod TERRA will automatically adapt the the ideal natural habitat, perfectly replicating their biome to make your herps feel right at home. Custom mode allows you to control your setting manually.

Integrated Misting – Replicates the unique rainfall cycles of natural habitats. The 2 liter reservoir allows for hands-free watering and hydration of your Biopod inhabitant.
BioPur Air Injection – Biopods patented Biopur Air Injection system combines aeroponics with advanced Bio Dude substrate and ventilation technology, perfectly balancing O2 and CO2 while maintaining life sustain equilibrium for your inhabitants. This system also keeps the substrate pristine and fresh while closely replicating natural air patterns that occur in real habitats.
Advanced Lighting and Adjustable UVA/UVB + Infared – The industry’s leading LED light panel closely replicates the sun’s natural output, with high PAR value for plant growth and auto dimming sunrise and sunset. Variable intensity UVA/UVB and IR output can replicate everything from a rainforest to a desert habitat directly through the Biopod app, providing ideal levels of D3 synthesis and basking.
Integrated living wall – Aside from it’s beauty and versatility, the living wall works as an automated bio-dynamic filter – without the need for substrate replacement. The system creates a harmony of plants and nature, perfectly balancing the environment by actively recirculating and refreshing the water within the system itself.
Integrated Heating – Individual heaters regulate the temperate in both the substrate and air, allowing for differential temperate controls to suite different species’ needs. The unique design also keeps the glass surface clear from moisture buildup for optimal viewing pleasure. The heating is also specially shielded to emit no Electromagnetic radiation, unlike many conventional heaters.
Advanced Sensory Feedback – Integrated sensors continually monitor and regulate temperature, humidity, rainfall and ventilation. This provides optimal climate conditions for your inhabitants.
Biopod Cloud + WIFI – The Biopod cloud analyzes your input settings to create the ideal environment for your plants or animals. Our species parameters combine information from more than 50 years of historical and biological data to replicate the perfect ecosystem.
HD Camera – The integrated HD camera offers streaming live viewing, sharing and remote monitoring of your Biopod from anywhere in the world through the Biopod mobile app.
Superior Materials and Technology – Biopod’s clean lines are complemented by our commitment to quality materials – from the Ultra Clear glass tank, Aluminum Frame and FDA Food grade interior materials to the high-tech controls. The system is designed to automatically regulate the pristine environment and requires very low maintenance giving you the ultimate user friendly experience.
Biopod’s Auto Mode – With Biopods Automatic Mode, your biopod creates the optimal conditions for your inhabitants. Our automatic settings have been developed through extensive research by our team of Biologists. Each setting is unique, dynamic and uses REAL climate data from natural habitats where each species is found. The auto mode is recommended for those who want to establish the best environment for their inhabitants and is recommended for novice keepers.
Biopod’s Custom Mode – Biopod’s custom mode is entirely different from the automatic mode. Custom mode allows you to freely adjust all parameters: air temperature, ground/substrate temperature, humidity, rainfall, UVB/UVA output, Infared lighting and photo-period. It also allows you t set custom timed cycles for all of the Biopod components.