BioTope African Cichlid Bio-Min 1000ml

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Product Details

Bio-Min African Cichlid is a premium mineral water conditioner.

All aspects of the aquarium improve from the addition of a quality mineral supplement. Bio-Min aids the water, fish, plants, and the beneficial bacteria in the filtration system with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, carbonates, bi-carbonates, potassium, chloride and sulfates, each of these minerals and more are blended specifically to suit the fish being kept. Bio-Min African Cichlid is designed for all African Cichlid and will buff the pH to 8.20. The water hardness of the 3 main lakes in Africa and within these lakes changes depending on the amount of minerals being released into the water. The directions below are a guide and may need to be increased depending on the species being kept. Bio-Min African Cichlid only buffs the pH and not the KH, for an ongoing stable pH the KH of the water must also be buffed, for this we recommend using Biotope pH/KH booster.

Directions To increase the GH to 12 degrees (210mg/L) add 10ml (2 teaspoon) to 10 litres of water, only treat the newly added water. For harder water adjust the dose rate as required