AquaticLife – 4 Stage Ro Buddie

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The AQUATICLIFE RO Buddie +DI is a four-stage RO/DI unit designed for residential use to remove the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from tap water. Each RO Buddie includes a Sediment, Carbon, Membrane and DI Resin cartridge. With incoming water pressure at 65 PSI and water temperature at 77°F, the RO Buddie +DI will produce up to 190 liters  in a 24-hour period, or a little under 8 liters per hour.

The included tubing and fittings make setup quick and easy.

  • AFFORDABLE DEIONIZED WATER – The AquaticLife RO Buddie is a 4-stage reverse osmosis deionization system designed for residential use. Use RO/DI filtered water for aquariums, humidifiers and more.
  • REDUCES TDS TO ZERO – This reverse osmosis water filtration system includes a Sediment, Carbon, Membrane, and DI Resin cartridge. The RO Membrane effectively removes up to 98 percent of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in water. The remaining TDS is removed by the Resin.
  • EFFECTIVE SEDIMENT REMOVAL – The 5-micron Sediment filter captures and reduces unwanted particulate material such as sand, silt, and rust from water which affect the taste and appearance of your water.
  • CARBON FILTER REDUCES CHLORINE – The second stage of your reverse osmosis water filter is a Carbon Block filter. The 5-micron activated carbon filter reduces chlorine and conditions the water prior to the RO membrane filter.
  • COLOR-CHANGING DEIONIZATION – The color-changing deionization mixed-bed resin is necessary to reduce TDS to zero in the final stage of an RO/DI system. It uses Cation and Anion beads to remove TDS from the membrane filtered water.