Aquael-Leddy Slim Duo Marine 10watt

The LEDDY SLIM DUO lamps are intended for use in nano-tanks to create exceptionally favourable lighting conditions. The lamps have a uniquely modern design: they are made in the shape of a flat white panel that can be installed on the side or rear wall of the tank by means of a single holder.

The LEDDY SLIM DUO MARINE & ACTINIC version is designed for small marine aquariums. Just like the freshwater version, it contains two rows of LEDs with a total power of 10 W. Half of them are MARINE LEDs, emitting a strong white light with a colour temperature of 10000 K, which provides excellent conditions for the growth of corals. The other half are ACTINIC LEDs, emitting a blue actinic light, which enhances the colours of marine animals.

The use of LEDDY SLIM DUO lamps means considerable savings thanks to lower energy consumption and a long service life.

(the service life of light-emitting diodes is much longer than that of conventional fluorescent lamps).

Perfect  for refugium;s   Very resistant to moisture*


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$139.00 inc GST