Anarchy – Heat Cable

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Flexible heating cable used to provide heat to your reptile’s enclosure.

Recommended for ground heating for terrestrial reptiles, but can be wound safely around appropriate cage furnishings and even up the side of the enclosure to create a warm area.

Will heat the items it is in contact with but will not have a significant effect on the air temperature. Ideal for raising body temperature, aiding in digestion and metabolism.

Available in : 3.5m-15w…4.5m-25w…7m-50w…12m-100w

Directions: If placed under your reptile’s enclosure, ensure there is adequate air flow. Cable should not take up more than a 1/3 of your retile’s enclosure to allow for thermo-regulation. Can be used in breeder racks and incubators. It is recommended that all heat sources be used in conjunction with a thermostat to prevent your reptile from overheating.

Do not use near water

Not to be altered in any way

Do not use if damaged.