AF Acrylic Sump 325

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AquaForest SUMPS are highly durable PVC sumps dedicated for all marine aquariums.

Sumps are designed by experienced aquarists to ensure the most efficient filtration, to make corals thrive and grow in healthy conditions.

Cascading chambers combined with quality combs provide perfect conditions for dynamic, but still ultra silent water-flow. Filtration socks chamber allows placing two socks (included in set) with noise supressing caps or replacing them with media reactors.


  • filtration socks compartment – replaceable with media reactors
  • RO/RODI water chamber for auto top off system
  • water level marks to provide easy skimmer regulation
  • silent water-flow guaranteed by quality combs
  • scratch-resistant, durable materials
  • Dimensions:    60 L x  46.5 W x 45.5cm H