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Aquascape Glue

Shop with confidence knowing that our online pricing is extremely competitive with virtual only stores. All orders are shipped directly from our Frankston aquarium store. We carry a larger range of tanks, accessories & critter product in store.

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Seachem – Flourish Glue

$14.95 inc GST
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AF Stone Fix 1500G

$24.95 inc GST
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AFPoly Glue 600ml

$59.95 inc GST
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Ecotech Coral Glue 30ml – 295ml

$24.95$39.95 inc GST
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DD Aquasacpe Construction epoxy

$14.95 inc GST
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Two Little Fishies – AquaStik Underwater Epoxy Putty – Stone Grey

$22.95 inc GST
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Tunze Coral Gum 104.74

$29.95 inc GST
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Seachem – Reef Glue 20g

$21.95 inc GST
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